BUC Office Fire, 16 November 2008.

On Sunday, 16 November the Fire Service was called to the Headquarters office of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It was a major fire that started in the roof space above the board room and quickly spread accross 75 percent of the building. The pictures below show the fire spreading, the careful strategy of the firemen in creating a fire-break between the main office and the extension and the aftermath of what the building now looks like. No one was hurt or injured in the blaze.

BUC President, Pastor Don McFarlane states:

"While the fire at our church headquarters has surely affected operations, it is a comfort to know that the work of the church is not primarily done in an office building but by our many thousands of members throughout the UK and Ireland in towns, villages and cities where they live. We will salvage what we can from the ruins of the building and seek to have a replacement as soon as the attendant factors allow. The sorry state of this building, which for nearly 50 years has stood proudly on Stanborough Park reminds us that there is no real security in anything that is fashioned by the hand of men. Our security is in God and His plans for the human family."

A series of news reports on the tragedy can be found here. For information on relocation and rebuilding click here.

[Photos: Dejan Stojkovic, Victor Hulbert]

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